Benji Menendez’s unique blend of an African grown Cameroon wrapper, a Connecticut grown Habano binder, the filler is composed of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Estelli Ligero, and Ometepe long fillers; the Majestuoso is a grand corona that weighs in at 6 x 46. Only five-thousand boxes, one-hundred-thousand sticks in all were rolled for this limited release blend.

The African grown Cameroon wrapper is a darker than the usual Cameroon wrapper; and smells of butter, cedar, cacao, manure, mesquite, and oak.

The draw is completely effortless, there is utterly no tooth to the wrapper, its velvet smooth; it tastes of butter cream, cedar, and red peppers.

The toasted foot smells of bell peppers, cinnamon, espresso beans, hickory, ouzo, and paprika.

Upon lighting the flavors really open up on the tongue with hints of 82% cacao, cashews, cracked white peppercorns, espresso, licorice, mocha, thyme, and toffee. The smoke off of the nose smells of espresso, molasses, ouzo, and peppercorns The ash is of a salt and pepper complexion, and rings in two millimeter bands. Fifteen minutes later and half an inch in, I can readily tell you that this is a cigar truly made for the senses.

Consistent hints of coffee and pepper, and billowing white smoke come off the foot with every draw. Occasional hints of clove, cracked black and white peppercorns, curry, hickory, mesquite, and paprika, bombard the tongue in what may be considered a sensory overload, and yet it’s a sweet spice on the palette and not overwhelming at all.

Thirty minutes and four inches of this tasty cigar remain. Cedar, cracked peppercorns, ground espresso, licorice, jalapeño pepper, milk chocolate touch the tongue and palette here, while cream and molasses wrap around the nostrils.

A canoe at three inches, pepper, coffee, and cream off of the nose and tongue, with additional hints of milk chocolate and tarragon also play on the palette. Forty minutes have passed since lighting this grand corona.

On the lower section of the large band next to Benji’s signature are three letters and a number followed by an ‘A’ “BMP-7A”.

Two and a quarter inches, fifty minutes in, heftier tones of peppers and coffees, all the while the canoe begins to level out. Cedar and milk chocolate play on the nose.

I should note that this Cameroon wrapper has roughly no significant presence of veins popping up on the leaf. Also this isn’t as fragile a leaf as Cameroon’s tend to be. The after taste consists of pleasant dark chocolate, bell pepper, and espresso.

An hour in and two inches remain; these latter two inches mellow out with caramel, cream, hickory, and paprika. With hints of butter on the lips make this cigar all the more flavorful; the dynamises of this blend make the body and strength medium-full in nature, with supple varying flavor. The cigar in its entirety is one massive sweet spot; making it well worth trying.

Purchased from for 141$ before shipping, which arrived on December 2nd 2009.