The Diamond Crown Gridiron GGAF was created so that a portion of the proceeds went to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. The blend of rare Dominican tobaccos of Carlito Fuente, these tobaccos are the exact same as the DCM Stanford’s 90th, and an aged Cameroon wrapper, the cigars were rolled in 2006, seven-hundred boxes in all, fourteen-thousand sticks in all, all of which weigh in at 7 x 48.

This toothy golden brown Cameroon wrapper, smelling of butter, cedar, earth, and maple, made my mouth water. With a 9mm punch to the head, the draw is smooth and tight; the wrapper tastes of caramel, cashews, cocoa, leather, milk chocolate, and sugar cane.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, cedar, coffee ice cream, hickory, licorice.

After lighting the foot by means of a Ligne 2, the ash is mostly white in complexion with an occasional spotting of salt and pepper, the smoke is white off the foot and exhale; the smoke off of the foot smells of coffee, leather, and mesquite. The draw tastes of cashews, earth, shelled peanuts, and vanilla beans; dry and earthy, yet sweet. The ash very subtly rings in one millimeter bands; the cigar itself is warm to the touch by the foot.

An inch of textured solid ash is bound tightly to the slowly burning foot. With six inches of uniquely rare tobaccos, the hints are dry yet wholly flavorful, with touches of almonds, anise, caramel, cashews, dark chocolate, leather, and peanuts.

Four and a half inches remain; the wrapper has a nice sheen coming off of it. The hints shift slowly at four inches, with hints of chili pepper, cinnamon, curry, ground espresso beans, and licorice. The smoke off of the nose smells of cashews and French roast coffee. This is a very dry cigar while being savored/smoked even with 72% humidity storage; the cigar isn’t bad, not necessarily the best either, even at its price point.

An hour in, three inches remaining; hints of cream and vanilla on the palette, and milk chocolate from afar off of the nose. This Diamond Crown is a medium body and strength cigar, with very little complexity to it, and has significant tongue bite to it, due to its dry nature.

Now it’s late brother cigar variant, the Stanford 90th was full bodied and full in strength and oh so flavorful; these two like blended vitolas are truly night and day.

Two inches left, no identifiable sweet spot, mildly warm to hot to the touch, quite warm in the mouth off of the draw; it’s really just an okay cigar that goes to a good cause, give them a few years of age and they may become stellar cigars.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, Maryland, 20852; on October 31st 2009, for 310$ before tax.