General Cigar’s resurrection of the Honduran puro La Escepción and its prior manifestation as a Cuban puro La Escepción; this particular blend was crafted in memoriam of the late, late Jose Gener, with a Honduran, Talanga Valley Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan Ometepe binder as well as various Ometepe long filler tobaccos; and weighs in at 5.5 x 50.

For appearances sake the Talanga Valley wrapper appears to be a rosado, velvety smooth to the touch, and smells of cedar, coffee grounds, ginger, and mesquite.

The draw is tight and effortless, and the wrapper tastes of cacao, cedar, chili powder, espresso, and leather.

From toasting by means of an Atoll Lonsdale lighter, I pick up hints caramel, cinnamon, dark chocolate, ground espresso beans, mesquite, and vanilla.

Off of a lit draw I pick up hints of 80% cacao, cashews, cedar, French roast coffee, hickory, and roses; off of the nose I pick up caramel and mesquite. The ash has a salt and pepper complexion, the smoke coming off of the foot billows out in white ribbons, and the exhaled smoke too comes out in billowing white ribbons. And the Excepcionales is burning with quite a pronounced canoe.

Three and three quarter inches at the lowest edge of the canoed tobacco leaves me finding this dual country vitola as a medium body and medium strength cigar. I came upon these potency factors, thirty-five minutes into the savoring of said Excepcionales. The wrapper possess veins, however it would appear that during the application of the wrapper, the torcedor used his/her chaveta to reduce the veins.

The canoe is on it’s way to subsiding at the three inch mark, with hints of anise, cocoa, earth, ground espresso, and leather; with a hint of vanilla off of the nose and an aftertaste of white chocolate on the tongue.

At two and three quarter inches, hints of black and white peppercorns subtly cascade my palette. And the foot has completely leveled out from its prior canoed state, and ringing in one millimeter bands; and the occasional hint of white chocolate and vanilla also pop up on the palette and tongue. Ah the soils of the volcanic Nicaraguan isle of Ometepe, which yields some of the most truly unique and palatable tobaccos of the whole of Nicaragua. In conjunction with the Talanga Valley wrapper leaf, this is palatable rebirth of this original Cuban blend.

At one and three quarter inches remain the subtlety of pepper hints is just that, wholly subtle in their presence.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, Maryland, 20852; for 5.65$ before tax on May 28th.