Purchased from Cigars-for-Less on Route 1, Rehoboth, Delaware for 58.00 a box of ten Nefasto’s; they can also be reached at www.cigars-for-less.com. The Nefasto is the big, big brother to the Red line’s Nasty.

The Nefasto weighs in at 6 x 63 and is a true pyramid with a pigtail cap, boasting a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and an unspecified proprietary filler; the Nefasto much like the Nasty, has a shaggy foot

The draw off of the head is completely effortless, and the wrapper smells of cedar, coriander, persimmon, and rose water; the wrapper tastes of cinnamon, hickory, persimmon, and rose hips.

The hints off of the tongue are cocoa, cedar, coriander, Madeira, mesquite, oak, persimmon, and rose water; the smoke off of the nose smells of orchids, persimmon, pomegranate, and roses.

The ash is gray and white, flaky yet solid, and rings in two millimeter bands. A half an inch in and I pick up occasional hints of cedar and mocha, along with the floral and fruit hints, along with a subtle cinnamon hint on the tongue; the smoke is pleasant shade of white on the exhale, and so is the smoke coming out from the ash capped foot.

There is slight canoe at an inch down.

A cone at the foot, there must be some ligero in this blend; some new hints come into play at four and a quarter inches such as ground espresso beans, lilies, and lime. This particular figurado burns quickly, after twenty minutes there are approximately four inches left. The smoke gets consistently hotter as it burns down the pyramid, due to the inherent sugars of the tobaccos caramelizing. And the canoe is being rather persistent.

More hints of flora off of the nose, with cashews and chocolate truffles add to the mix on the tongue. Three and a half inches remain at forty minutes, and with some drawing efforts the canoe is slowly leveling out, with the aid of turning the cigar while drawing.

A hint of butter is on my lips, making for an more enjoyable savory smoking cigar. Nearing two and three quarter inches of tobacco, a nutty scent passes my nostrils and the heat of the smoke is cooling to warm heat.

The Nefasto albeit not my number one favorite Acid (the original Acid 5 is), but as a second it is a top notch cigar that’s well worth trying even if you’re not a fan of Drew Estate’s infused cigars, especially since you can still taste the naturally occurring hints and oils of the tobaccos beyond that of the infused elements.

The last two inches are burning slower now and the canoes subsided, at an hour later.