This Nicaraguan puro adorned in a beautiful dark chocolate brown wrapper, smelling of coffee grounds, cedar, cream, and leather.

The wrapper has a nice tooth to it and tastes of cedar, cream, espresso, leather, and licorice. The draw is extremely smooth.

The toasted foot smells of cashews, espresso, nutmeg, and toast. A recently lit foot tastes of almonds, 72% cacao, cedar, cream, earth, leather, and paprika. The ash has a salt and pepper complexion, ringing every two millimeters, and billows cloud white smoke off of the foot and the exhale as well.

The whole lot 23 series are intended to mild strength, but yielding various body with Connecticut being at the mild end of the spectrum, Natural at mild-medium, Maduro at medium. The smoke off of the nose smells of milk chocolate and peppercorns.

Three and a half inches of parejo left, a slight canoe at a fifteen degree angle forming at will and then leveling out again. At three inches the hints kick it up a notch chili pepper, cloves, Cuban coffee, ground espresso beans, mocha, mesquite, and peppercorns.

Two and three quarter inches and thirty minutes later from the first puff, and it’s as delicious as it was from the get go.

Rings are forming at every millimeter at the two inch mark, the initial flavors return from the beginning of the cigar here at later portion of this robusto. With the standing ash, the draw is cool while the cigar is warm to the touch. The oils from the wrapper that layer up on your lips taste of butter, with a taste of cashews and mesquite on the tongue.

Look at that beautiful, sturdy ISOM ringing ash, on the remaining inch and three quarters of remaining tobacco. The occasional hint of cocoa, hickory, oak, and thyme arises. Twenty minutes later at an inch and a quarter, with Cuban coffee on the tongue, and cinnamon on the nose.

This Lot 23 finishes hot, but with hints of basil, cashews, coffee grounds, and dark chocolate, and peanuts on the nose; after an hour’s worth of savoring, it was a pleasant review.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on 4/15/10 on Rockville Pike, Maryland 20852; for approximately 94$ for a box before tax, during a Perdomo event, with the mid-Atlantic sea board rep Walt Cukier.