From the 2009 joint effort between Altadis, Charles Fazzino, and the NFL; more specifically from my own personal Montecristo Museum humidor which at one time had fifty tubos in it, now holding fourteen sticks, with about a dozen Romeo y Julieta Museum’s, and five Romeo y Julieta Edicion Limitada #2 tubos. I digress though, I bought the whole shebang for around 1,132.50$ from Davidus Cigars in Rockville, Maryland 20852, in mid November, upon special request.

This 6 x 56 super toro boasting an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper and dark Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, which smells of cinnamon, earth, leather, and thyme. The wrapper tastes of chocolate, cedar, cream, earth, and paprika.

The draw is quite effortless, with cedar off of the un-toasted and unlit draw hits the tongue. The toasted foot smells of cashews, dark chocolate, and licorice.

Off of the recently lit foot comes a myriad of hints including basil, butter, cream, dark chocolate, earth, espresso, hickory, and mild peppercorns; off of the nose are hints of butter, coffee, and leather. The body profile falls to the full and of the spectrum, while the inherent strength resides on the mild end of full.

The ash is has a salt and pepper complexion without any distinctive ringing; the smoke now smells of paprika, the smoke is also a cloud whit color on the exhale.

A slight cone formation of ligero from the recently tapped ash, and now showing signs of one millimeter rings forming at the foot; with the occasional hint of sea salt popping up here and there on the tongue, and the smoke smells of mesquite at four inches remaining after a half hour from the start.

Milk chocolate pops in every so often, the dynamic of this cigar goes far beyond the Montecristo 75th Anniversary series, which in my opinion is sub-par at best.

At three and a quarter inches, a hint of coriander rises from the tobacco, along with bell peppers, cocoa, French roast coffee, mesquite, and white chocolate. Here at two and a half inches, I’m picking up on scents of cashews and espresso from the smoke, and subtle hint of butter and chili pepper on the tongue.

This is a sublime cigar, if you’re local B&M has any of these try and pick one or two sticks up, they’re well worth the cost.

Even now at an inch and three quarters and seventy minutes later I’m picking up on hints of milk chocolate on the nose, with hints of chocolate truffles, mesquite, and paprika on the tongue with each draw. The flavors are unrelenting; it’s a magnanimous cigar most definitely worth taking the time to savor.