Adorned in a Nicaraguan grown Connecticut Shade leaf wrapper, which smells of leather, light pepper, and cedar. The Connecticut Reserve marks the Oliva’s foray into mild yet savory cigars, all the while maintaining the status of creating delectable puros.

After a 9mm punch to the head, the draw is effortless yet tight at the same time. The pre-toast cigar tastes of butter, cloves, cedar, cream, a very mild hint of jalapeño pepper, and cinnamon.

The toasted foot smells of cream, butter, cocoa, and cedar.

From the initial light, the Churchill starts out with hints of caramel, leather, cedar, cream, cocoa, and mild pepper.

The salt and pepper ash ring every three millimeters, though there are occasional canoes. The white smoke on the exhale is nice sight, while there isn’t an abundance of smoke; the smoke off of the nose is quote pleasant, milk chocolate, whipping cream, butter milk, and vanilla.

Approximately an inch in and twenty minutes later the flavor mellows out in the pepper department, and develops into an array of hints comprised of parsley, cream, cocoa, vanilla, and leather.

From an appearance point of view the wrapper has a very subtle yet visible presence of veins, this quite the opposite from the tactile sensation, where you can feel the micro veins; otherwise there are no imperfections from either method of sense.

The semi solid ash on the foot allowed for a very cool draw, up until it went kaput on my lap. Anyway with roughly five and a half inches remaining, the flavor subtly shifts to creamier notes, mostly butter and cream.

Thirty minutes in, five inches remaining, burning is quick due to it being what it is, a Connecticut shade leaf; as it’s not a particularly oily leaf, coupled with the viso and seco tobaccos in the filler which possess lower burning temperatures.

Four inches, forty-nine minutes passed, a few hints arise, wheat, thyme, and white chocolate. These hints embolden the body of the cigar to a medium flavor point while still maintaining a mild strength cigar; approaching three and a quarter inches with more hints of butter on the nose. These Connecticut Reserve vitolas possess more flavor and substance than Macanudo Gold and Standard series, Ashton Classic and Cabinet series, any Butera, and CAO Gold.

A hair over an hour in and three inches left and there’s yet another shift in hints butter, caramel, cedar, cream, hand dug earth, and vanilla. Oliva got it right when it comes to creating a fully favorable mild strength cigar with a medium body.

Two inches left, and it’s as creamy as it was from the get go, a few more notable hints, cashews, and cacao. The smoke smells of vanilla and cedar. A prime finish with a combination of all the prior hints, ending in a truly dynamic finish, wholly a multidimensional cigar; much thanks to the Oliva family for creating these.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852, Maryland; on May 23rd for 7.10$ before tax.