This particular Havana Collection cigar boasts a very dark Habano seed Colorado Nicaraguan grown wrapper, an unspecified Nicaraguan binder, and a combination of Costa Rican and Honduran filler, and weighs in at 6 x 52.

The wrapper smells of leather and espresso, it feels and looks vein. And for a Colorado it resembles a Connecticut broadleaf or a Morron leaf given its tooth.

The draw with a 46 gauge cut effortless, however I’m not detecting any distinctive flavor off of the wrapper, which is disconcerting as compared to the Colorado’s brethren wrappers, the Connecticut and Criollo which boast very flavorful wrappers.

The toasted foot smells of caramel, molasses, and vanilla.

A slight canoe from the initial burn, and hints of coffee, cedar, toffee, and cinnamon. The smoke is a shade of gray, and the ash is peppercorn black and chalk white in complexion, not quite the idealized appearance for a fine ash. The smoke on the nose is laden with pepper. There’s also a noticeable pepper and ammonia aftertaste on the tongue. This HC is a far cry from its Criollo brother.

With the on going canoe varying the ash from three quarters of an inch to an inch down, the hints become bitter with burnt coffee, scorched earth, burning cedar, paprika, and a subtle touch of leather. The foul aftertaste has abated and is replaced with a neutral wood taste.

Approximately three inches remain, and finally I’m able to detect some flavor off of the wrapper, it’s an extremely subtle hint of vanilla extract. This figurado burns quite fast, too fast in my opinion, since it was lit only thirty minutes ago and approximately half the cigar remains. At this point I pick up the occasional hint of cinnamon, espresso, and anise. I’d say that this is a medium-full bodied cigar with the same medium-full range of strength, given its lack of complexity and flavor. I feel it’s akin to the Casa Magna Oscuro which to me is like smoking scorched earth, or a Room 101 which is like smoking dirt. For its price point there are better cigars on the market and even within the HC lines, to which I noted earlier, the Connecticut and Criollo blends.

At two and three quarter inches and another thirty minutes later, the Colorado is attempting to redeem itself with hints of cedar and dark chocolate; however a far more foul aftertaste arises, ammonia and nothing else but ammonia on the tongue and even on the nose. At this point with two inches remaining I’m going to have to put this stick down, it was extremely disappointing. I’m sorry Mr. Van Keppel but this is a tragedy of a blend, which is disconcerting especially because I love the Defiance line, and the HC Connecticut and Criollo lines.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, 20852, Maryland; on 5/23 for 9.95$ before tax.