From the CRA Sampler #2 is the Avo Classic #2.

Adorned a gorgeous tawny brown Ecuadorian Connecticut shade grown leaf, with scents of basil, cinnamon, earth, and leather; and tastes of cedar, leather, and peppercorns.

A 9mm punch to this 6 by 50, yielding a smooth draw, when toasted, the foot smells of cashews, cedar, French roast coffee, milk chocolate, and paprika.

Off of the initial light, the parejo tastes of cornmeal, cream, cocoa, hickory, and licorice; while the billowing cloud white smoke off of the nose smells of caramel, cedar, and toast.

Ringing every millimeter, the salt and pepper ash appears to be quite solid, albeit the foot is canoeing. Three quarters of an inch to an inch in and sweeter notes of caramel and sugar cane come into play with just a hint oak.

Four and a half inches on the low end of the canoe and a touch of mesquite arises on the palette with bell peppers, cream, and white chocolate too. This mild end of medium to medium strength cigar is hitting on all cylinders with the body ranging from mild to full flavors.

With the canoe slowly subsiding around three inches, I reached a flavor shift picking up on hints of butter, cedar, leather, peanuts, sea salt, and thyme. There’s a combination of black peppercorns and cedar on the whole of the tongue.

At the final two and a half inches the strength and body move towards the higher and of medium, with hints of butter, cedar, hickory, mesquite, ouzo, and peppercorns. The smoke off of the nose here smells sweetly of butter cream.

On the finish this Avo returns to its milder origins with butter, caramel, chocolate, cream, and peanuts. The Avo Classic is one of those cigars that’s one on going sweet spot cigar, which is abounding with flavors and never gets bitter. While they are costly Avo’s in general, the blends are justifiably worth buying them, just for the chance of savoring them. That’s my opinion anyway.