The Illusione Majestic a 6 by 54 super toro from mastermind Dion Giolito, who developed the Illusione line in 2004 with front marks that are indicative of events in his life. Though this particular stick has nothing really to do with Giolito, it is however a reference to Roswell, NM.

This Nicaraguan puro has a tanned leather wrapper which is a Nicaraguan Cafe Colorado with hints of caramel and leather, and has an effortless yet tight draw and tastes of coffee and cream.

The toasted foot smells of cashews, licorice, and toast. And when lit, it’s amazing it’s a party in your mouth with hints of cashews, cedar, cocoa, cream, leather, mesquite, oak, and peppercorns. The white smoke off of the nose smells of Cuban coffee and white chocolate. This parejo burns quite slowly, yielding a mottled salt and pepper ash, though the foot has a stepped canoe forming; the MJ12 is also innately medium-full in both body and strength.

Supposedly the Majestic is going to replace the Magdalene, which is/was
salomon with a rather bulbous form near the foot.

Approaching a half an inch in, and the ash rings in two and a half millimeter bands, with a hint shift towards dark chocolate, hickory, Madeira, mesquite, and oak. The tongue gets hints of chili pepper.

A recently tapped ash reveals a cone indicating ligero. The smoke billows like water out of a faucet, just rising instead of falling. Four and a quarter inches remain; yielding hints of caramel, cedar, cloves, Cuban coffee, dark chocolate, earth, leather, peppercorns, and oak.

I took out my Xikar X3 cutter to clip the head, simply to draw out the whole spectrum of flavor, and it was worth it, additional hints of butter cream, 70% cacao, peat, and thyme. The dynamic flavors of this cigar have run throughout the first half, it’s absolutely delicious; so much so that it’s easily on par with Padron’s 45th Family Reserve in maduro. The only thing that I do not like about this particular stick is its relentless canoe.

When you compile the whole gambit of flavors, it tastes much alike a well aged and marbled porterhouse cut steak, which I encountered with the Upper Cut. The dynamises of the dark Nicaraguan tobaccos that make up the bunch just emanate “buy me, smoke me, and savor me!” There just aren’t enough words to describe this masterpiece; the only thing I can say is that Dion Giolito has made the penultimate cigar, only to be bested by another Majestic.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars on Rockville Pike, Maryland 20852, on May 21st for 9.65 before tax.