The best way to develop your palette is to go to your spice rack and take them all down and line them up with a bottle or glass of club soda, sparkling water, or tonic water. Take a pinch of each spice one at a time and put it on your tongue, and swish the spice around the whole of your mouth. Then spit it out, and follow up with a good sip of one of the aforementioned waters to cleanse your palette. Then proceed to the next spice and rinse and repeat so you can get a good grasp of all the unique cigar blends out there.

This is an expedited method to enrich your palette, and don’t just limit yourself to spices, try chocolates in all it’s forms cacao (all of it’s %’s), cocoa, chocolate truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mocha, and white chocolate. If you’re lactose intolerant just smell these chocolates enough so you can engrain them into your sensory memory. By doing these exercises you’ll not only enjoy your cigars more, but what you eat as well.

Good luck with this expedited method folks, otherwise you’d be in my boat with eleven years and thousands upon thousands more cigars to achieve a highly profound palette and sense of smell.

*Do not attempt this if you possess any allergies to any particular spice and/or milk based product.