This Kong Cameroon came from one of the old 24ct boxes prior to the current 10ct boxes; bought from Cigars for Less in Rehoboth Delaware, off of Route 1 (, for approximately 129.84$ back in early April. The KC is a stout 4″ by 62 pyramid adorned in a Nicaraguan grown Cameroon wrapper, composed of proprietary fillers and binder.

As part of the ‘Remi’ line, the wrapper smells of sugar cane, rose hips, chardonnay, vanilla, and cloves; but not overtly sweet like the Kuba Kuba, 1400cc, Blondie, etc. It relies more on the infused attributes and the tobaccos themselves to provide the flavor.

The wrapper tastes of merlot, cinnamon, pomegranate, vanilla, cashews, and rose water. Using a 9mm punch the draw is easy on this short stout pyramid.

The wide toasted foot smells of sweet caramel, roses, coriander, and cedar.

The initial lit draws tastes of earth, rosewater, leather, mint, lilies, and peat. This particular acid is my third favorite the first goes to the Nefasto, second goes to the original release of Acid 5 with the Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, and lastly well the Kong.  This cigar does burn a bit on the hot side, due to the caramelizing of the infused oils.

Nearly a half inch in and the ash is a mottled salt & pepper and rings every three millimeters, and the billowing smoke is white on the exhale. This cigar not only burns hot but quickly too, approximately half an inch down and it tastes more like vanilla, coriander, molasses, and roses. These flavors are also picked up on the nose too. The burn so far has been level for the most point. The Kong Cameroon is laden with botanical hints.

Three inches remain on the Kong, and I’m picking up sugar cane, cocoa, and cedar on the nose. While the flavor shifts towards honey dew, cinnamon, limes, and white zinfandel.

The ash is practically glued to the foot, without the slightest bit of flaking; I can occasionally taste the caramelized oils.

Approximately a third of the way down, and I’m tasting a fine Chablis, along with rose hips, cedar, cocoa, clove, cinnamon, and a mild hint of espresso. The Kong Cameroon is a rather fragrant cigar on both the palette and the nose. The burning has slowed significantly as it approaches the half way mark.

I occasionally pick up a touch of pepper here and there, but it’s hardly noticeable. I’ve yet to pick up a flavor transition at the two inch mark.

Roughly an inch and a half remain, the ash has yet to go anywhere. And the earlier noted flavors and hints are all coming together on this mild end of medium body and strength figurado. The vanilla and botanical hints become more and more potent on the nose, around an inch remaining, the ash also began to wobble, so I carefully moved the whole shebang and rotated the last inch and three inch ash thirty degrees to the left, and plunk the ash fell.

An hour and a half later, and the Kong’s still going, albeit much hotter. Well I’ll be putting it down now before I burn my tongue.