This is quite possibly one of the few times I’ll review a Rocky, today we’ve got the 6.3″ by 52 torpedo adorned in a dark and rather smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, with a Nicaraguan binder, and a bunch composed of Nicaraguan and Dominican long filler.

The wrapper tastes of leather and feels like velvet, the draw is a tad bit tight with a 46 ring gauge cut.

The toasted foot smells of pepperoni and basil.

The initial draws taste of mild pepper, burnt coffee, cedar, and un-popped popcorn kernels. The smoke smells of dark chocolate. The draw when lit is relatively tight albeit smooth, and puts out very little smoke of a grayish white color.

The ash is for the most point white in complexion and wrought with micro fractures. The exposed head of the cigar tastes of Old Bay seasoning, which is surprisingly pleasant. Despite the micro fractures throughout the ash it does have some rigidness and density to it

Ah a ligero cone on the ash, that’s a nice sight, and a transition of flavors an inch down comprised of chili peppers, basil, kiln dried cedar, paprika, a cup of espresso, and milk chocolate.

A slight canoe and a fracture in the wrapper by the foot. This has been burning a tad bit on the fast side at thirty minutes and three and three quarter inches left. It now tastes of cream, cocoa, bacon, and peppercorns. Not bad, rather impressed, due exception to a multitude of cracks in the wrapper.

Ample amounts of smoke churning out now, and smells of caramel and ground coffee. Two and three quarter inches left, hints of pepper, cedar, and 85% cacao. This is a rather dynamic medium bodied cigar and medium in strength too.

The smoke is drawing on the cool side. On a side note, when did the bands on the ’92 go from green to black? Anyway it makes for a good for a good lunch cigar. If only the wrapper was slightly thicker and not so brittle, however I digress it’s an otherwise well rolled cigar.

I had to put the cigar down at an inch and a half due to wrapper falling apart.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville MD, 20852; on 5/20 for 9.50$ before tax.