The Prensado comes to us in a 2006 Honduran Corojo wrapper, with a Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley binder, and a combination of fillers composed of Honduran and Nicaraguan longfillers. The whole of the Prensado line are box pressed, so well pressed that they retain their box press shape as opposed to shifting to the uniform and commonplace circular parejo. Additionally much akin to the Family Blend line these too taste much alike ISOM’s albeit on the stronger side, so more like a cross between a Bolivar and a Diplimaticos, potent and extremely flavorful.

The Prensado Gran Toro weighs in as a Super Toro at 6 inches by 54 ring gauge, and a corojo wrapper that resembles a shade of milk chocolate, and smells of leather and cedar, and tastes of peppercorns, cedar, coffee, and cream. Using a 9mm punch, and the cigar opens up with a tight but easy draw.

The foot toasted nice and even by match, smelling sweetly of roasted cashews, caramel, cedar, and hazelnuts.

A little grassy on the first draw, coupled along with espresso, clove, thyme, paprika, and sawdust; with eventual additions of cedar, jalapeño peppers, and dark chocolate.

The foot burns quite evenly and the ash is an ideal salt & pepper, and rings quite uniformly. The white smoke on the exhale smells of chocolate truffles and old bay seasoning. The dark corojo wrapper reminds me greatly of the original Camacho Corojo cigars with their sweet and dark brown golden wrappers. Anyway I digress; the ash also appears to be rather rigid.

With five inches remaining a shift in the palette occurs, rousing pepper, butter, cocoa, peanuts, and hickory. The ash however was not as rigid as I has assumed.

Why the floor? That's point zero for where the ash hit. I did set the Prensado down to clean up the debris.

With roughly four and a quarter inches left, I can easily say without assumption this time that the body’s spectrum ranges from medium to full and then to a medium center of full, while the strength gradually increases from the full end of medium to the medium center of full. It’s quite a dynamic cigar, which never looses flavor, hence at three and three quarter inches it begins to get a bit nutty in flavor, along with earthy undertones, and medium pepper overtones.

The burn has been consistently even, though it has begun to loose its boxed appearance slightly towards an ovoid form; though the draw is quite cool, and has been from the scratch, roughly an hour ago.

The pepper hints are escalating, but aren’t overwhelming as they mix with cedar, and a sharp Monterrey Jack cheese joins the flavors on the palette. This cigar just keeps on getting better puff by puff and millimeter by millimeter. Alan Rubin, the patriarch, founder, and mastermind behind the Alec Bradley (named after his sons, respectively named Alec and Bradley back in 1996) has created yet another masterpiece, to follow the Tempus, SCR, MAXX, Vice, and Family Blends; these all go above and beyond his earlier creations, Medalist, Trilogy, and Spirit of Cuba (you’ll have to pardon me if I left out any of his earlier blends). Now back to this Gran Toro or what’s left of it.

Having just tapped the ash from that pic above, I’ll have to recant, the ash is quite rigid and dense, as I heard it ding against the ashtray. The flavors shift here to ground coffee, cedar, mocha, yellow peppers, and toast. Approximately two and a quarter inches remain, and it’s a blissful cigar well worth savoring, if you can handle its shifting strength and body. Pepper and cedar run the gambit at the two inch mark; along with some canoeing.

An hour and a half in with a moderate draw pace, just a tad longer than a slow draw, with three to four drags as opposed to two; suffice to say that this particular front mark could easily last two hours or more, or less as determined by your own pace. For a non-ISOM comparison the Prensado is cross between a Padron 1926 natural and a Perdomo Gran Cru corojo, in turn making it very potent and extremely flavorful. This is definitely not a cigar to pass up.

Good enough to nub it.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, Maryland, 20852; on 5/17 for 12.75$ before tax.