The 10th Anniversary Reserve Cuban Criollo Figurado weighs in at 4 and three-quarter inches by 44/56/42, and is a Nicaraguan puro. I bought this box in person for 112.95$ from Cigars-for-Less in Rehoboth, Delaware also reachable at, in early April. Here I am down to my last four sticks, so I thought I’d do a review of one, so without further ado, here it is.

This tasty little figurado is adorned in a golden brown Cuban seed Nicaraguan grown Criollo wrapper which quite literally tastes like toast with a touch of pepper. And the toasted foot smells strongly of toast and burning cedar.

The initial lit draw tastes of cinnamon, cashews, fresh out if the toaster toast, and a slight hint of pepper. And the smoke smells of caramel and cedar. The ash has the quintessential salt and pepper complexion most notably found on Nicaraguan puros, and yields a cloud white smoke on the exhale. It does tend to burn a bit on the quick side, even with a slow draw, which is impeccably easy and hinder less. The burn is relatively even and the ash has a semblance of ring formation.

Roughly three-quarters of an inch in and the flavor still tastes of cinnamon, toast, cashews, as well as pepper, caramel, and cream. While the ash appears to be cracked and flaky, it is in fact quite solid and doesn’t appear that it wants to let go of the vitola, even with roughly three inches of well blended tobaccos left in this cigar.

At roughly the two inch mark it begins to get a bit more peppery, the creaminess lingers on still, as does the cedar. The burn slows down significantly after the 56 ring gauge hump as it tapers down towards the 44 ring gauge at the head; however it also canoed.

Around an inch and a half the flavors above abate and are replaced with leather, earth, mild pepper, and molasses. This is a medium bodied cigar, and is medium in strength too.

Thanks goes to Nick Perdomo for crafting such a unique cigar, as well as all of the torcedors in Estelli, Nicaragua under his employ for rolling these beauties.