Avo’s tenth anniversary limited edition cigar is supposed to be the strongest of all the LE’s to date, boasting a dark Ecuadorian wrapper as opposed to the lighter sun grown Ecuadorian wrappers of the past LE’s. The filler here though is the true difference here a combination of unidentified ligero fillers (I gather from appearance of the foot, that most of it is Nicaraguan I believe). The binder appears to be a piloto cubano leaf. This vitola weighs in at 5.5″ by 55.

The wrapper taste a little acidic and had a mild touch of cedar. After being toasted, the foot smells of cedar, mocha, coffee, and citrus. When lit, it tastes of more citrus, mild pepper, cedar, and coffee. . A slight canoe formed at a quarter inch in, along with a subtle change in flavor, losing its citrus hint, and replacing it with a hint of toast. This cigar does not generate much smoke on the draw; however it is an ideal white smoke on the exhale. So far I’m not impressed with the strength of this supposed powerhouse LE, it’s dead on medium so far nearly an inch in.

The ash is also not as rigid as the past LE’s, it’s flaky at the base of the foot, and is mostly white in complexion with the occasional appearance of grey.

A freshly tapped ash shows the telltale cone of ligero on the foot.

With three and half inches left on this super robusto (this cigar burns quite fast, which is a first amongst the LE’s), the flavor shifts to a pleasant earthy taste, espresso, 85% cacao, and leather.

The ash is still flaky, and the strength is still dead on medium, the body is on the medium-full end spectrum. It’s worth noting that this cigar burns hot, even with a slow draw, I attribute this to the ligero in the filler (since ligero has a much higher burn point than any other type of tobacco, due to the oils in the ligero).

The ash has become slightly rigid, and the complexion becomes a light salt & pepper color. Along with the formation of subtly noticeable rings. At three inches the flavor paradigm shifts towards dark chocolate, espresso, cedar, hand dug earth, and leather.

At two and three quarters the LE-10 begins to redeem itself, with the strength rallying towards full body. And yet another shift in flavor, hints of kiln dried cedar, whole espresso beans, and cream, and milk chocolate. The heat from the cigar cools off at the two inch mark.

This cigar individually retails at 16.00, in boxes of ten with an average msrp of 160$. Give them some age and they’ll be marvelous cigars, especially if you keep them in the box so they can soak up the cedar from the box. I received this particular cigar from a close friend of mine.

I should also note, I used a 9mm punch, perhaps either a cat’s eye or guillotine cut may provide a cooler and more flavorful smoking cigar.