A second attempt with the Villiger 1888 US market line, the first review was less than inviting with the corona; hopefully the torpedo will be more inspiring.

The Connecticut shade wrapper tastes of wheat, wood, extremely mild pepper.

The toasted foot smells of toast, lit charcoals, and sulfur. Floral notes pop up on the initial lit draw along with a very subtle pepper hint. The ash is a mottled salt & pepper; and the cigar is burning quite evenly.

The floral notes abate at roughly a half inch in, and the spices kick up and so does a slight cedar hint. The draw has been slightly tight.

Just tapped the ash, and plunk, it’s a very dense and solid ash. No real change in the flavors even with three and half inches remaining.

This Villiger is a cross between a Butera and Macanudo, in other words far from stellar, and lacking anything noteworthy. It’s mild in both strength and body, yet it’s far better than its corona brethren.

With two and a half inches remaining the flavor shifts with hints of butter, cream, cedar, pepper; the strength also increases in duplicity as the body increases changes as well, the strength resides on the medium end of mild. This mirrors what occurred with the long corona. Just like the long corona, this Villiger too is better at the final inch and a half to two inches. I can only gather that the original Havana blend is far superior to this Dominican puro.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, MD, 20852, for 8.90 before tax on May 15th.