Why, am I picking on the Opus? Well let’s see, first off it’s quite literally the most overrated front mark, secondly much akin to the Punch Rare Corojo it’s only a good blend every few years since the original production, and thirdly they’re more often than naught egregiously well above their msrp, which at the most is a tie between the ‘A’ aka “The Twin Towers” and the newly released Perfexion #77 Shark at 21.00$ give or take a dollar or two.

More notably it tends to be a magnet for cigar newbies and some enthusiasts; especially with the recent overpriced msrp variations of the Forbidden X and the Don Arturo AnniverXario’s which range from roughly 30-100$ a stick. It’s the connotation that they’re the crown jewel vitolas of the Fuente lines and therefore they must be the best. Now I’m aware of the irony that I’ve got an Opus X Shark on my wish list, but frankly I just want it to go with the Sand shark that’s also on the list, and the few Anejo Shark’s that I’ve got in my concurrent inventory; and my ongoing diatribe here, suffice to say… tough, and let’s move on here.

Just because of the flashy red, gold, and white massive band, doesn’t mean it’s a top notch cigar, and in turn has to be the end all be all cigar to get, when in the past few years the wrappers and fillers have been quite on the green or immature side, not ready to be released to the public at large. Instead of the quintessential Rosado wrapper, as of the past year or two, the wrappers have been well quite blonde in appearance; anyway I digress, the purpose of the analogy of Opus X :: Hopeless X equates to the lack of reverence for truly premium cigars well worth savoring, and not for boasting. For instance the vitolas that essentially are the brother and sister lines to the Opus X line/s are most notably the Diamond Crown Maximus (also at a questionable price point, but extremely delicious, with an El Bajo, Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper, courtesy of the Oliva family) and the God of Fire line (also at a questionable price point). Regardless, there’s a venerable plethora of premium and ultra premiums out there that are far more deserving for the palettes of the masses, such as Ashton Heritage Puro Sol, Padron 1964’s, Zino Platinum Scepters, etc.

Reaching out for the occasional ‘X is fine but going out there just to horde them borders on insanity, it’s practically a pathological disorder to think they’re the cream of the crop, when in fact they tend not to be, more often than naught. But it all really comes down to a matter of will, can you/we muscle up against the pathos of the Opus X draw? Who knows? With this degree of market presence it seems that even at our strongest moments we’re all hopeless, but I digress once more, there’s always something else out there for us to salivate over, odes to Pete Johnson, Sam Leccia, Jose & Jaime Garcia, Nick Perdomo, the Padron family, Robert Levin, Rocky Patel (oh the irony), Kaizad Hansotia, Altadis, General Cigars, etc.; we’ve them to thank for providing us with prime alternatives to the way of the Opus X.