The La Aurora 107 marks the one hundred seventh anniversary cigar, with an Ecuadorian wrapper as found on the 1903 Emerald line, a Dominican binder, and a mix of long filler Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

The robusto is a tad on the petite size, weighing in at 4 1/2 inches by 50. The wrapper tastes a tad bit bitter some what of an alkaline taste, actually; I hope the filler and binder are more impressive. The toasted foot smells of espresso and toast. From an effortless draw I’ve found hints of leather, cedar, mocha, earth, fresh coffee, and a little touch of citrus on the back of the palette.

A slight canoe has taken shape, amongst the mottled salt & pepper ash. This petite robusto puts out an ample amount of smoke, with hints of caramel and cream.

Three quarters of ash is well rooted to the remainder of this vitola. A flavor shift occurs after the first inch to hickory, paprika, peat, and ground coffee. The burn has leveled out, and the ash is starting to ring; all the while the filler has overwhelmed the alkali wrapper (I have another 107 robusto that I’ll let marry with my cien anos and escogidos, in an attempt to enhance the wrapper’s flavor).

Two and one quarter inches left on this stick, a crack in the wrapper occurred on the last draw. As this cigar approaches the final two inches, the flavor shifts again on a slow draw to hints of light pepper, burnt coffee, burning cedar, and sweet mocha. I’ll venture a guess, that one could savor this for an hour right down to the nub, with a slow draw method. Suffice to say these need ample age, in their current state they’re okay, however a few months to year and these will be stellar.