The Upper Cut is a flavorful medium bodied cigar, that has a medley of pleasant flavors to be had. Presentation wise, the UC’s tend to be vein less, though the caps also have a tendency to look rough and hurriedly applied. A sniff of the wrapper, and I’m smelling that musky delicious aroma of Ecuador, earthy and cedary, just enough to make my mouth water with anticipation. A match to toast the foot, coffee, cinnamon, smoked cedar, 85% cacao chocolate; with hints like these… Well I’ll leave it to your imagination.

As you can see in the pic, the first half inch canoed, but it will even itself out as I progress the draw. The ash is a beautiful salt and pepper, and quite solid, but due to the canoeing it’s also fragmented and ringing disproportionately; and the smoke is plentiful and white. An earthy start with a touch of anise, and the smoke smells of butter… a unique attribute of the Ecuadorian wrapper, always a pleasant indicator of prime tobacco. An inch and a half in and voila that marbled porterhouse taste that I mentioned in the mini review/preview came to fruition. More porterhouse, a touch of peppercorn, some espresso, and leather.

If you look at the ash, and see the half-moon at the end, that’s a prime indicator of some ligero in the Nicaraguan blend. Two inches down and four to go; butter, that delicious porterhouse is unabated, and some cedar. The ash is becoming more uniform in the development of it’s rings, not to spec of a quality ISOM vitola, but it does well for what it is. Three and a half inches left, pepper, coffee grounds, dark chocolate; no fowl aftertaste even after a relight or two. The toro really begins heating up at three inches, though due to my relighting I incidentally carbonized the foot, and yet still no fowl taste arose, time slow down the draw and let the oils and sugars in the tobacco to caramelize (the ideal for any cigar, you tend to receive a better array of flavors and hints).

The two inch mark, and still as delicious ad the first, and prime ISOM rings have formed, not what you’d expect from something coming from the Villazon factory down in Honduras. This wholly redefines what a Punch can be.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, Maryland 20852. For 12.95 before tax on 5/4/10.