From bottom left to upper left: Henry Clay, Humidor Supreme, Savoy, Craftsman's Bench.

71 ring gauge... Trapezoid... They must be CAO 2008 Holiday Press'

Hand's off! Near the top of the Pyramid.

Got Aurora's? At the pit of the pyramid.

X-treme 30

a generic pyramid, and some pipe tobaccos


Montecristo Museum, a Savoy Glass-Top, A San Cristobal Savoy, and a box of Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo Torpedoes.

Puros Indios Reserva Maxima Anejado 2003 Corona no.46 Natural box, Padilla Cazadores Churchill box, Alec Bradley MAXX Nano box, CAO 2008 Cameroon Holiday Press box, atop the Victor Sinclair's, two Savoy's and the M. Museum.

Romeo y Julieta Museum, and a Brazillia versus Italia ~ Bratalia Humidor.

Two LAdC Savoy's atop the Bratalia and RyJ Museum, with a box of Reposado '96 Connecticut's atop them, and a box of Partagas LR Decadas 1995 no. I's as the crown, with my Bowler Cap atop that.

A Camacho SLR Pre-Embargo Humidor, to age tasties.

Inside the SLR, the tasties: Gurkha Master Select Perfecto #3 box, 2x boxes of CAO 65th Anniversary Esen, a box of Piggies, a box of CAO Brazilia Anaconda's circa 2005, a box of Padron 45th's, a Holiday Canister of ZPS Bullet's, a single Camacho Liberty 2005 coffin, 2x CAO 10th Anniversary Maduro Perfecto's, a box of Tatuaje Black Tubo's, a Cain F unbanded 5 stick robusto limited edition box, LAdC & SC Limited Lancero Collection box; assisted by a CO XL+, a half pound of heartfelt beads, and a high grade large propylene glycol polymer water pillow. Oh..and Some Nat's, a Tin of Montecristo Memories, and a Tin of Onyx Impulse.