Yeah, yeah inaugural… got it, question being though, how does this fit into the realm of psychology? A good question deserves a good answer, and to that end we’ll enter the breach with Punch. General Cigar’s “either you like ’em (in general), one or two lines, or not at all”. Well shortly after I had heard about this frontmark breaking the proverbial mold, I had inquired from the GM at my local b&m, Davidus Cigars’s Frank Elam (who was in fact in a prior life a G.C. rep), as to whether or not I’d see the Upper Cut…(Ecuador…Nicaragua…yummy) in the store anytime soon?. Within a week Frank had scoured his humidor’s and gave me one of his Upper Cut prototypes. And a prototype it was indeed, a far cry from the genuine mainstream article that it is now. Though both the prototype and the current cigar, in-veritably are nothing like their predecessors under the Punch hallmark; and this may throw off current Punch enthusiasts or those who were like me, the one’s who didn’t like Punch at all. Well folks time to break the stigma, here’s a cigar that you really ought to try regardless of it A) being a Punch, B) not being a Punch that you recollect and recognize from years of savoring Punch’s, C) frankly, it’s just another Punch, but you like what you like already in the line, and don’t feel like trying something new, or D) you’re closed minded, and only smoke (not savor, but smoke, big difference in my opinion, I’ll bring this up later, not now, a bit off subject) and can’t be swayed by the suggestions of others and are simply bent to your own prerogative (ego centrists…the worst of the lot imo).

Here’s where you’ve got to be open minded, and think to yourself that this is something you really want to like regardless of who makes it or where it comes from. This is something new and rather revolutionary (the thought or the cigar?). So here’s my experience, I graciously took the prototype, and waited a day (fresh palette) to savor it…I’ll be honest I was disappointed, and told Frank what I picked up from the cigar, and perhaps I’ll try it again once the final product shows up; suffice to say that just a few weeks later, Davidus Cigars had brought in two of the three sizes, the Robusto and Toro. So I leaped head first, with a Toro, and it was worth it. It was nothing like a Punch, it was above and beyond anything that the prototype was; it quite in veritably has become my go to practically everyday stick, for myself and recommendations. So, so much for stigma’s, they’re meant to be broken, and that’s all they’re meant for!

An Upper Cut... Think of it as a La Aurora meets Perdomo, and goes well beyond that.