As with any cigar I’ve yet to savor, I try to go in open minded.

Villiger 1888 Long Filler Corona:
This afternoon (4/22/10) I took some time to nose the wrapper of this cigar, it smells much like a Cameroon, despite being a Connecticut shade Ecuadorian wrapper. A nice 9mm punch perfectly centered, gave way to an effortless draw. I toasted the foot by match and proceeded to nose it, finding a pleasant mix of toast, nutmeg, and mocha. Unfortunately when actually lit for purpose of savoring… well the bunch filler is questionable. Unpleasant flavors of dried grass, sulfates, and ammonia. The ash is quite fragmented and flaky, and is of a salt and pepper complexion. An inch in and the unpleasant flavors unabated, much to my chagrin. Two inches in and the sole redeeming factor is the tasty wrapper, without a doubt the best wrappers tend come out of Ecuador, for instance try licking the wrapper of an Avo, Davidoff, La Aurora 1903 Preferido Emerald, etc. So far at the three and three quarter mark the Villiger 1888 Dominican Reserve line, has yet to redeem itself, even now at three inches it’s still the same. The draw has tightened up a bit by approximately 23%, and the burn has canoed slightly by 17 degrees off of a 180 degree flat plane. The flavor at two and three quarters has gone south and is quite bitter, and the canoeing has shifted roughly towards 25 degrees, although the ash has solidified significantly and has also begun to ring. The plane of the 1888 has leveled out at two and half inches and the flavor has also shifted to hints of butter, leather, mild pepper, and cream. This is a far cry from the first four inches of ilk. Is this a good cigar, well that’s questionable given what you get for the bulk of this parejo, unless you intend to buy some and then proceed to age them for a significant period of time, say a year or so; I’d say you’d be better off avoiding this product in any of it’s permutations.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, Maryland 20852; for 6.85 before tax.