My cigar wishlist-

Acid/Drew Estate: Freedom Flight, Blackout, Petra, Lex, Malta, Hawg, Amigos, Patience, Kings, Ronin, Ronin Deluxe, Ronin Ridiculoso, Brooklyn, Pimpsticks, Irish Hops, Tri-Borough

Avo: Heritage Robusto, LE10, LE-22, Legacy, LE07, Signature Petite Corona, LE11

Arturo Fuente: A handful of AniverXario Don Arturo Destino al Siglo’s, Hemmingway WOAM, Untold Story, Lost City 2009 Lancero/Lonsdale, Lost City 2009 Belicoso, two Anejo #77 “Sandshark”, two Don Carlos SS’s

Ashton: ESG Perfecto, VSG Estate Reserve, VSG ’99 Rounds

Camacho: Every variant of the Ammendment series, and every variant of the Liberty series, Eiroa’s variant of the LFD Faceoff cigar, a few sticks from the original release of the Corojo Scorpion (from the original 18ct boxes, circa 2003)

CAO: Odyssey, one of each of the original sizes from the retired Extreme Line, one of stick from each size of the ORIGINAL blend of the Soprano’s line (the one’s with the toothy Mata Fina wrappers, not the current reblend with the Araparica wrappers)

Davidoff: Special C, Millenium Panatela/Lancero, Churchill, Zino Davidoff Platinum Crown/Scepter Cane, Stretch, Emperor 2009 & 2010

Diamond Crown: 110th Anniversary Perfecto’s, Stanford’s 90th’s

Jose “Don Pepin” and Jaime Garcia: My Father one of each size, My Father Le Bijou 1922 one of each size, Blue Lable Preferidos, El Centurion Emperadores, Limited Lancero Collection

Graycliff: Professionale/Espresso/Crystal/Gran Cru/Original one stick of each size from the listed lines & inc. a Big Bamboo from those lines that have it in their respective line-ups

Gurkha: HMR, Triad Platinum, Special Edition Titan, S.E. Elegance, S.E. Genghis Khan, S.E. Grand Age, Royal Reserve, Signature Black Rothschild, Status Maduro Torpedo, S.E. Beauty, one of each of the Archive sticks, one of each of the Crest sticks, Black Dragon/Dragon Fury/Dragon Fire/Green Dragon/Red Dragon one of each of their respective sticks for each size, a box of SEALs, Enigma, M.S. El Duke’s, box of Viper Fang

Hammer & Sickle: Moscow City box

Henry Clay Honduran: Belicoso and Dalias

Illusione: one of each size from each frontmark

Jose Seijas: Mi Dominicana any size stick, Signature 2000 Serie Perfecto and Mini Figurado

La Aurora: 1495 BME any size stick, 1903 tubo from each respective color/wrapper

La Tradicion Cubana: The Big One

La Flor Dominicana: Habana Perfecto, Litto’s variant of the Camacho Faceoff cigar, Churchill Especiale, Oscuro ‘A’, Factory Press Limitado/I/II/III

Macanudo: any Vintage prior to ’93, Jade any size

Montecristo: Cigare des Artes Royal Delacroix, Mini Delacroix, Original Montecristo #’s 1-5 (non-Havana’s), Serie C Lonsdale, Platinum anything prior to the Vintage ’97 series of Platinum

Oliva: Master Blend I/II/III Belicoso

Padilla: Dominus one of each size, 8/11 Miami (Original blend) one of each size, 1932 Oscuro one of each size

Padron: Fuma (ideally a recently rolled mazo) Padron 1926/64 40th Anniversary N&M sticks, Millenium N&M sticks, 80th Anniversary N&M sticks, 44th FR N&M sticks, 45th FR N&M sticks, original LE release of the ‘A’ in N&M

Partagas: 150 Ramon y Ramon all sizes, 150 all sizes

Perdomo: Edicion de Silvio one of each size and capa

Romeo y Julieta: one of each size from the Anniversary line, a 007 stick, Museum 2010 Edition Humidor & cigars

Rocky Patel: Long Panatelas/Lancero’s of all regular production lines, 15th Anniversary Torpedoes, Patel Bro’s Torpedoes

Tatuaje: RC184, RC232, Verocu East, Verocu West, Verocu Tubo, Reserva SW, original El Triunfador, reblend El Triunfador one of each size, Black one of each size, La Riqueza one of each size, Cabaiguan one of each size, Monster & Actor LE sticks, Thermonuclear (handful), La Verite 10ct boxes, Anarchy

Trinidad: 100th Anniversary one of each size.

Accessory wish list: any color of “The Cigar Stub”, an Up Down Cigar Drill, a few 250ct Cigar Mechanic humidifiers & heartfelt bead humidifiers, and a Holt’s Herf Edition Stinky Ashtray. a S.T. Dupont Ligne 8 with the Chrome Pearl finish.

~ I can dream… ~