I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get the ball rolling with my alias here; TSB is an acronym for my pen name on under member reviews for http://www.puff.com/Cigar-Reviews/Report/Reviews-by-The_Smoked_Blade.html, Paul being my surname, and A.T.C. ~ All Things Cigar. Why start a cigar blogging site? good question, I suppose I’m just taking into account what my friends have been goading, or suggesting me to do. Even though in all due honesty there must be at least a thousand + other blogs and web pages based around the same concept. Anyway I digress, I’ve been savoring cigars now legitimately for almost eleven years, and I’ve acquired quite a palette and distinct sense of smell, precise enough to tell what particular region, a certain tobacco originated from.

But why cigarpsychology? well why not? given the stigma’s that abound us, the cigar loving populous and greater world out there. There may as well be a middle ground, however I’ll leave that for someone else to breach. I’m here f0r one reason and one reason only, Cigars and their various inherent qualities, both pleasant and unpleasant. I won’t pull punches, I will mention that I abhor anything produced by Rocky Patel, and Te-Amo; I’ve had a few boxes of Rocky Patel’s cigars in the past, as well as plenty individual sticks, suffice to say, one overwhelmingly similar commonality came to rise… flavor, they all taste the same regardless of blend and age. As for Te-Amo’s well, I’ve tried a few sticks here and there over the years, but let’s be honest…they’re an in-veritable joke (like I said I’m not going to pull any punches…).

– TSB_Paul’s A.T.C.