A powder keg of flavors, not for the weak of palettes, full in body and strength; this is not your average Liga Privada 9 or T52 for that matter. It’s a slow burne with a spicy broadleaf maduro wrapper, with Nub’esque profiles of length to ring gauge factors. The binder and fillers are chock full if flavor, yes I said binder. Fully composed of dark tobaccos, the Pig yields a massive variety of flavors including heavy cedar notes, ground pepper corns, Cuban coffee, 85% cacao blend dark chocolate, with a presence of leather and earth on the tongue. While not entirely intact the ash is a pleasant mix of salt and pepper, and very solid. The first third took a decent thirty minutes to burn, with the ash still intact, and leads a segueway to a very nice sweet spot, where the spices mellow out, and rich truffle and mocha hints take up the reigns along with a minor hint of caramelized sugar from the center of the bunch. Right now as I reach the half I’m tasting mild hints of salt and butter from the wrapper which I tend to find from Cohiba’s Siglo series. No touch ups were required for this short stout perfecto, it always leveled out to it’s own accord. At the final inch and a half the ash has become uniform and ringed like a well age and masterfully crafted ISOM. Drew Estate’s has created another pinnacle of tobacciana history, much akin to the initial release of the Acid 5 circa 2002/3, by utilizing the absolute primes of dark tobaccos. Fortunately for me I brought with me today a miniature cigar awl to which I will use as a cigar clip to finish this down as far as possible; thanks goes to Davidus for procuring a box of these from which I labored to choose the optimal Flying Pig to sample and write this review. This final inch and a quarter has been burning slowly and albeit a tad hot, but capturing the flavor profiles that I found in the first and second thirds of this glorious Pig. I’ve just “roached” it with my awl. This last third is billowing with smoke, where as the first two thirds didn’t produce as much smoke, all the while though the smoke was a pleasant white smoke, the ideal smoke for an uber quality cigar. It’s worth noting that one ought to pick as many as one can do to the extremely limited production of these LP9’s since only 24,000 sticks were made due to the unique tobacco’s selected for this once in a lifetime production, in boxes of twelve. Get them while you can, because once they’re gone, well they’re gone.

A little bit of ash, a little more pig!

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, Maryland 20852. For 12.95 before tax on 4/16/10.