This is a short short review of one of General Cigar’s latest tour-de-forces, the Upper Cut Toro. An excellent toasting aroma, laden with flavors of a well marbled porterhouse, hints of toast, peat, leather, fresh dug earth, and espresso; very little spice on the tongue. Holds a great solid mottled white and gray pepper ash. A sure cut (pun intended) above the other Punch frontmarks, and a superb blend that surpasses the prototype blend for this vitola. Full in body, medium in strength and flavor while wholly multidimensional.

Punch Upper Cut Toro, with an unyielding ash.

Purchased from Davidus Cigars, Rockville, Maryland 20852. For 7.25 before tax on 4/1/10.


I promise a full review soon, I’m currently getting over a case of relatively severe Sinusitis, which will guarantee an exceptionally fresh palette. It ought to be reviewed and later posted this Tuesday the 4th of May.